Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today was a good Day!

Hi friends!

Today was a pretty good day!  I love weekends that are relaxing, but I feel the best at the end of weekends that are productive as well.  
So, lots of laundry was done today....still lots more to go :-/  
The most important thing I got done today was working together with the hubs to develop a budget.  I just finished reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, and I am definitely on board with his plan.  So, we began by making a budget.  This is not the most stress-free thing, when you have some debt, and one person working full time and the other working part-time and going to school full-time.  There was a little crying (from me, not him ;)  ), and some raised voices.  But, like I told the hubs, it was stressful figuring things out, but I feel SO much better having done it.  
The first "Baby Step" in Ramsey's plan is to save a $1,000 Baby Emergency Fund.  Even before trying to tackle debt.  The reasoning is simple....if you don't have this savings and something comes up (car repairs, home repairs, any other emergency) then you might use credit to fund your purchase, and then you are back to square one.  So, we are in the process of putting together our emergency fund.  I am looking at it as a kind of game....try to spend as little as possible on groceries so we can't put more in our fund and move on to the next step :)  
We are also going to the envelope system for everything but bills that are taken directly out of checking.  So, instead of just using our debit card, we will get out a certain amount of cash as our budget allows for groceries, gas, etc...and as we need the money, take it out of the envelopes.  When its gone, its gone, so it really makes you take notice of how you use your money.  I'll keep you posted on our progress :)

Health wise, today was decent also.  I think I was about 10-15 calories over my limit today, but I can live with that compared to the past weeks.  Here is a snapshot of my day from My Fitness Pal:

Your Daily Goal1,410194475316

Lastly, (or rather firstly), I stepped on the scale first thing this morning and saw this:

Not the best number it could've been, but WAY better than expected. 

If you have tomorrow off work, enjoy it!  I will be pulling my daughter in my school 
districts Labor Day parade to support our upcoming levy.  Go TIGERS!

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I really want the Pillow Pet!

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