Saturday, September 4, 2010

Long time, no blog....

and for me, that is BAD NEWS BEARS!  What that usually means is that I've gone off track and have stopped caring too much.  Thats not 100% true all of the time, but 99% :-/.  And this time, for sure. Blech.  I agreed to do Lindsay's challenge, and when I committed I totally meant to follow through.  Well, I didn't. And, I always have an excuse.  This time, it is that school started again and that I was working 10-14 hour days.  Well, this maaaybeeee gets me off the hook for the hour workouts, but not the eating.  And EAT I DID.  Sure, I have eaten a lot of great stuff......carrots and hummus is my current obsession....but mixed in with the good, was a lot of not-so-good.
And, I won't even talk about the whole NO SCALE thing.  Well, I guess I am talking about it...... I can't do it!  I was good for a couple of days, but then I checked.  And it was good!  Then I let a couple of days pass, and checked again.  NOT GOOD.  Then I stopped checking because I didn't want any more icky news.  But, I really think the scale helps me stay on track generally.  I don't let the little changes effect my mood, but it really helps me to see trends....
So, I guess I'm out of the challenge.  That is ok.
Expect to see me check in at least a few times a week.  I am really committing myself to doing this.  I am half-way there, and there is NO REASON I can't finish!
My plan for the week:
1. Track calories
2. 120 minutes of exercise
3. Blog

And, since I promised some pictures of my birthday, and then only got 2 :)  Here they are.  The first, will be shown to no one but the any of you have cats?  We call there little bit of stomach that hangs down and swings "Flub".  Well, in the first pic, my "flub" is too too apparent.  The second pic is my facebook profile pic, so obviously, I like that one ;)  Although my hair is kinda frizzy.....   Soon, I will take a full body pic so you can see me in all of my glory ;)

My fabulous birtdhay buddies.  I am the huge one in front.

I like this pic.  It is taken from above (use this technique if you don't already) so everything looks nice :)


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