Monday, August 23, 2010

Plus Size

Hi friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and will have fantabulous weeks!  I go back to work Wednesday.  Boo to summer being over!  But, I am excited to start a new year :)

So, we get the Sunday paper, and I LOVE to go through the ads/coupons when I get the time.  While it may have existed for awhile, I just noticed the "Kids Plus Size" sections at all of the stores.  I mean, when I was younger, my brother wore the "husky" sizes, but I never thought anything of it.

But, now, they have official plus size clothing for kids.  Ugh. I wish this weren't necessary.  In a way, it is good for those kids who are heavier so they can still wear fashionable, trendy clothing.  But, in a bigger way, it is just sad that we need to have these options.

I remember growing up and ALWAYS wanting to lose weight.  I don't really recall a time where I was happy with myself the way I was.  Of course, I look back now and WISH I could look like I did in high school!

As I look at Stephanie growing up, I SO hope she doesn't have to deal with those same insecurities.  I try to foster a healthy approach to life - eating and activity.  She probably eats more sweets than she should, but she definitely always has to eat the healthy options before she gets a choice of something else.  She sees me making good choices and fitting in activity to my life.  Hopefully she takes notice and wants to emulate these positive choices.

There there is the line that I hope she doesn't cross, where she thinks weight/looks are all that matter.....another blog/another time, I guess ;)

Well, to end on a happy of my favorite pictures EVER:

Light and Love! ( a la Danielle from Real Housewives)

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