Saturday, August 21, 2010


Good Saturday afternoon!  Plans changed, so we're not leaving until a little later.  

I was able to get in a short ride today because I had to pick up some stuff at my Grandparents.  They live close, so I just rode my bike over and got the goods :)  
We are off to a baby shower/open house and a day at the lake tomorrow.  Fun family times!

****Bike Ride: 2.8 miles, 19 minutes, 171 calories

I got a New Haircut!!

Old Hair:

My hair was down to my chest in front, shoulder blades in back.
 I got bored, so I went and did this:

New hair!  about 7-8ish inches gone, I think

LOVE IT!  And it is super easy and quick.  Glad I took the plunge!


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  1. Love the hair! Very nice!!

    Your bike ride sounds nice. I need to invest in a bike, or roller blades. It would be a nice change from walks and jogs.